Samsung smartwatch arrives

There has been much speculation this year about who will launch a smartwatch next with the likes of Dell, Google and Apple all supposedly ready to enter this new area. The smartwatch market already has some players including the start-up Pebble and long-established Sony. However, this month has seen the entrant of potentially the biggest player to date, Samsung.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch

According to SmartWatches Guide, the Samsung Gear smartwatch can only be paired with a device using Android 4.0 or higher. Spec wise, the Gear features a 1.6″ display, a 1.9 MP camera and 4 GB of internal memory. The Samsung Gear may become the best smartwatch for Android but we expect others to follow.

Apple has yet to launch its “iWatch” but there are plenty of rumours circulating that this will be launched sometime in 2013; as it makes perfect sense to link up with the iPhone, plus Apple will not want Samsung to get a lead in this market, however small it may be. 2014 could be the battle to determine the best smartwatch.

Samsung curved screen smartphone announced

Samsung smartphoneSamsung today announced they are planning to launch a curved screen smartphone in October 2013. The phone will use plastic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels and there are no details yet of price or whether or not this product will use the “Galaxy” sub-brand. This announcement follows on from Samsung’s introduction of a 55″ curved LED TV in the UK which is currently retailing in John Lewis at £6,999. This TV features a clever “dual screen” function which allows two programmes to be watched at the same time using 3D glasses.

We are not yet sure what benefits a curved smartphone screen will bring to the consumer but it is clear that Samsung is trying to differentiate itself further from their competitors.

Cheap caravan holidays are a great alternative to travelling abroad

Caravan holidays are becoming more and more popular in the UK and its clear to see why. Recent years of austerity and family budget pressure has forced families to tighten their wallets when it comes to holiday spending. However, you can still have a great family holiday on a budget.

Let’s not forget that there are also some clear advantages of booking caravan holidays in the UK. For a start you don’t have to drag the kids to the airport at silly times in the morning , queue for hours, wait for delayed flights and pay crazy excess baggage charges for only taking the smallest amount of luggage. Travelling by plane (and all the transfers involved) usually means you miss the first day of your holiday travelling. Why not just load up the car and go!

Another advantage of caravan holidays is that normally the price is based on a caravan rental basis rather than per person. These means that if you take your friends and family you can have a very cheap holiday when considering the price per person cost.

The other good point about holidaying in the UK is that you do not have to change money into a European or International currency so you can avoid the commission fees. It also means you know exactly how much attractions and foods items cost without having to do the currency calculations.

The forth point we would mention is that caravan holidays are self catering and are well equipped with modern kitchen areas and cooking equipment so your family can save a lot money compared to eating out.

Last but not least many caravan holiday parks are located next to beaches so you are only within a short walking distance of great, cheap days out! Have a look at this site to find cheap caravan holidays in Cornwall.


If you are looking to holiday in Cornwall then have a look at this tourist site for further information.

How to choose the best carpet cleaner model

When it comes to carpet cleaners there are hundreds on models now available. To add to the confusion for buyers, carpet cleaners vary in weight, sizes, price and extra features on offer. How does the consumer select the best carpet cleaner for them with so much choice?

How to choose the best carpet cleanerRemember though that there is no single “best carpet cleaner”: each individual must decided their own priorities and budget then choose a carpet cleaner based on these.

When researching carpet cleaners you should consider:

  1. What size rooms are you cleaning?
  2. Do you have children or pets at home?
  3. Do you have any dust allergies?
  4. Do you need to clean other surfaces as well as carpets (such as wooden floors)?
  5. Are you looking for a deep clean or quick regular cleaning? Have a look at the Proheat carpet washer from Bissell for good carpet cleaning results.
  6. What material is your carpet made from (i.e. natural or synthetic fibres)?
  7. Do you have space to store the carpet cleaner?
  8. What type of carpet do you have – does it get dirty quickly?
  9. And most importantly…what is your budget?


These first set of questions will give you a basic idea about what you are looking for in a carpet cleaner so now you can continue your research in further detail.

Model selection – there are a number of websites which will be useful when researching carpet cleaner models, these include manufacture sites such as Bissell and comparison guides such as

Hopefully by now you will have reduced your selection down to a handful of models, so here are some final tips which should help you choose your ideal carpet cleaner:

  1. Motor size – this is important as the motor power (in watts) is what determines the suction power of the cleaner. The more power the better initial cleaning plus carpet drying is also improved as more water is drawn out of the carpet.
  2. Weight – carpet cleaner weight is also a key factor to consider as you will be pushing the expensive units with extra features weigh a considerable amount
  3. Powered hand tools – these are a nice additional feature; as they are “powered” they get into the fibres and clean better than a “normal” hand tool


By using all the information above you should find the best carpet cleaning machine for you.